"The Man Behind the Helmet...and the God of Second Chances"
Former NFL player Frank Murphy imparts lessons he learned along the way to the NFL, through his book, via the live and virtual versions of his educational stage play and now in his upcoming feature film!

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Wide Receiver, Frank D. Murphy, learned that a second chance made all the difference! He imparts lessons he learned along the way to the NFL and beyond. From troubled teen to national motivational speaker, Frank managed to escape thug life and maneuver successfully through the iron jungle of the professional sports arena.

Frank’s story is one of struggles and the second chances that changed everything. If you’ve ever had your back to the wall or been counted out, this book is for you.

  • Passion and perseverance are the traits that come to mind when I think of my friend, Frank Murphy. When I talk to my young players about what it takes to make yourself a critical part of the team, I recall men like Frank, who sacrificed and worked with a winning attitude each day to make his team's success.

    Raheem Morris
    Raheem Morris NFL Atlanta Falcons, Asst. Coach
  • He has an infectious personality, an abundance of determination and speed to burn. I really enjoy the zeal he exhibits for life. His story is one of sacrifice, inspiration, and perseverance.

    Jim Cladwell
    Jim Cladwell NFL Asst. Coach
  • There is no doubt in my mind that God has His hand on Frank’s life. God has given this young man a heart for righteousness and a steadfast desire for growth through God’s Word.

    Evangelist RV Brown
    Evangelist RV Brown Exec. Director of Outreach To America’s Youth, Inc.
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