The Frank D Murphy, Digital Life Skill Curriculum


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The Frank D. Murphy Skills Curriculum prepares and guides individuals to become successful leaders in all areas of life. It covers topics such as goal-setting, self-assessment, character development, anger management, finance, avoiding greed, drug and alcohol awareness, handling disappointment, making great decisions, choosing role models, understanding abuse, and prioritizing health. The curriculum focuses on the holistic development of individuals’ mind and body.


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    Skills Curriculum: Curriculum program is to prepare, encourage and guide adults and young adults who aspire to be leaders in all aspects of life. Through this curriculum, we endeavor to meet the needs of the whole person mind and body.
    Frank D. Murphy Program/curriculum is a roadmap to becoming a successful man/woman and a better leader in prison/jail system, community, and in their life. This curriculum is an online model or in a workbook/journal format, with a facilitator guide as well. There is a pre and post assessment each participant is required to take as well.
    Below is a list of topics and description of the curriculum.
    Discovering Your Purpose: Participants learn the importance of setting goals and expectations beyond sports n and identifying other avenues in preparing for the future by advancing in education, military, etc.
    Defining Identity: Perform a self-assessment to determine who they really are and who they wish to become.
    Character: Gain a better understanding of character and the importance of having excellent moral fiber.
    Anger: This word can destroy your life and dreams. You will learn about angry and how to control your angry in pressure situations. You will learn why angry is stopping you from being successful in your life.
    Finance: The purpose of this module is to help participants expose and eliminate the myths about athletes and finance.
    Greed: Learn the connection between craving desire and greed, being able to identify the pitfalls of allowing greed to function in their life.
    Drug and Alcohol: Awareness of drugs, alcohol and the negative effects. Youth will learn the purpose of drugs and alcohol and how it can destroy their lives.
    Health: They will also learn how living life of using drugs and alcohol can affect their judgment in making bad decisions.
    How to Handle Disappointment: Youth will learn that disappointed can be used to help you grow and not to give up. Participants will learn that disappointment will help them view things about themselves so they can improve your decision making. If you want to be successful, you will have to learn the truth about disappointment. They will learn ways to handle disappointment.
    Great Decision Making
    Understanding how to make great decisions will open up doors for your life. You will learn how to open up the gateway to success by making great decisions. You will learn how you can benefit from making great decisions.
    Who’s Your Role Model: Participants will learn how to choose great role models that can take them places they’ve never been. Teaching you how choosing a bad role model could alter your life and take you away from your purpose.
    The Truth About Abuse: Awareness of the many types of abuse being abused or in an abusive Environment how easily individual are accused of abuse and the dangers and penalties of being associated with participating in abuse of any kind.
    Health: Benefits of staying healthy by becoming educated through nutritional facts, exercising, regular doctors’ visits.



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