Frank D Murphy Life Skills Curriculum
The Frank D Murphy curriculum strives to inspire, educate, and empower young and adult men and women so that they can achieve their full potential as leaders in their life and communities.

Laying the groundwork for tomorrowʼs youth!

The Frank D Murphy curriculum strives to inspire, educated, and empower young and adult men and women so that, they can achieve their full potential as leaders in their life and communities.

The primary objective of the Frank D Murphy Life Skills Curriculum is to prepare, encourage and guide those who aspire to be leaders in all aspects of life. Through this curriculum, we endeavor to meet the needs of the whole person – mind and body.

Our desire is to be an extension of the authentic individual and guide them in the direction of hard work, dedication, sound decision making, life skills and effective life management. We are preparing these athletes to meet all challenges of life that they will face as a high school, college or professional player whether it’s in the locker room, in the community, or in everyday life.

Frank D Murphy Life Skills Curriculum

This curriculum is a roadmap to becoming a successful leader —in sports,
community, and life.  Step up, step out, and step forward. It’s your time!

Introduction to the Course

Basic knowledge of The Man Behind the Helmet author, Frank D. Murphy Jr., and his plan to develop athletes as leaders by casting vision and guiding them into purpose.

Discovering Your Purpose

The importance of having goals and expectations beyond sports.

Defining Identity

Perform a self-assessment to determine who they really are and who they wish to become.


Gain a better understanding of character and the importance of having excellent moral fiber.


Identify anger issues and trace them back to their root.


The purpose of this module is to help participants expose and eliminate the myths about athletes and finances.


Learn the connection between craving desires and greed, being able to identify the pitfalls of allowing greed to function in their life.

Drugs and Alcohol

Awareness of drugs, alcohol and their negative effects.

How to Handle Disappointment

Ways to handle disappointment.

Great Decision-Making

Benefits of Making Right Decisions.

Who’s Your Role Model

How to choose who to model their lives after.

The Truth About Abuse

Awareness of the many types of abuse, being abused or in an abusive environment, how easily individuals are accused of abuse, and the dangers and penalties of being associated with participating in abuse of any kind.


Benefits of staying healthy.

Fire Arm Safety

Safety and the dangers associated with not having proper knowledge of carrying a weapon.

Social Media

Benefits and dangers of Social Media.

Business Education

Proven ways to expand their business reach, financial portfolio and money management.

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Connect with their purpose and develop skills needed in school and, most importantly, life. Programs are targeted to those from the middle school level to the professional level.

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