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Message from Frank D Murphy:

I will and can be your business, health and life coach, and mentor. As your coach, I will use all of my experiences, my success, even all of my mistakes and hardships to help you understand how to maximize your full potential and complete all your goals. I will push you to identify your weakness and turn them into your strengths. I will help you find your purpose and motivate you to put down your fake identity (the fake you) and learn how to pick up your real identity (the real you). I will teach you that second chances do exist for you as well. My purpose is to make sure your purpose doesn’t go to the grave yard. I also want you to learn and understand how to leave a legacy for your family and the your next generation.

I will give you my secret plays, knowledge and sauce to use so you can experience the same success spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially that I’m experiencing.

You have to believe it, claim it and work it out. Let’s get it because it’s your time!

Topics of Discussion


◦ identifying goals and defining a vision for success
◦ creating professional and personal growth plans
◦ starting a business
◦ Identifying your negative beliefs
◦ balancing out work/life so you don’t get burned out
◦ communicating more effectively in business
◦ connecting with higher level professionals
◦ stopping the fear of failure
◦ creating a business plan
◦ becoming a successful entrepreneur
◦ becoming a motivational speaker


◦ getting the most out of your 24 hours
◦ handling your anger and redirecting it.
◦ dealing with your past
◦ building character and integrity
◦ handling disappointment
◦ making Tough decisions
◦ picking great role models
◦ helping improve relationships and communication skills
◦ discovering your purpose in life and relationships
◦ blocking out distractions
◦ building meaningful relationships
◦ building a great team
◦ saving money

Sports and Health

◦ losing weight and get tone
◦ prepare for your senior year in high school and college
◦ How to prepare for getting drafted in the NFL,NBA,MLB etc
◦ run faster and be more explosive
◦ deal with disappointment
◦ workout properly
◦ have the right mindset to go to the next level◦ market yourself
◦ build relationships and maximum them
◦ How to start a business or non-profit while playing sports

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