About Frank D Murphy
Beyond the football field, Murphy has consistently engaged with the community and supported programs that educate and empower others to realize their dreams.

NFL Player, Presidential Lifetime Achievement Recipient, National Motivational Speaker & Author

From NFL draft pick, to Founder & President of Mentoring with Purpose Charity, Frank D. Murphy is a true paragon of what a second chance really is. Battling incredible obstacles, tenacity and determination prevailed and his passion to help others realize their potential and become impactful leaders in their communities flourished.

Frank D. Murphy, is the Author of “The Man Behind the Helmet – God of Second Chance”, as well as the writer and Director of the educational stage play “The Man Behind the Helmet – The Life Story of Frank D. Murphy”. He founded the “Put Down your Fake ID” conferences and created the Frank D. Murphy online Life Skills curriculum program for youth in grade schools to upper level professionals.

Frank is the first professional athlete to produce and write his own educational stage play derived from his book and create a digital life skills program. The stage play is offered in person and virtually. He not only gives insight of his challenges, but he also offers first hand solutions. Frank is also writing and producing his first motion picture!

Frank’s life story journeys from childhood to adulthood as he overcame the struggles of growing up in an at risk, inner city neighborhood. From guns to selling drugs to jail, it seemed the odds were stacked against Frank while he faced the possibility of spending life behind bars.

After given a second chance through NFL Superbowl Coach, Tony Dungy, Frank instantly goes from drugs, guns and jail to a star athlete and successful NFL player. Concluding a successful football career receiving countless awards such as the All-American, All State and Player of the Year award, Frank didn’t stop there.

Since starting his foundation in 2009, Murphy consistently pours into his community supporting empowerment programs for the youth. His efforts in the community are instrumental; he has been awarded the JTEP Hero Award, as well as the Hero Award by the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning, recognizing him for his noble efforts to make a positive impact on the community. Murphy received the Key to the city of Callahan, FL. for his positive impressions on the youth and has even been a recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement award presented by 44th former President Barack Obama for his community work and influence on the next generation. Just to name a few.

Today, Frank is a national motivational speaker and has served as life coach and mentor to over 100,000 youth, fortune 500 companies, and professional athletes.

Murphy’s focus on action oriented personal growth is reflected in his motto:

“Believe It, Claim It, Work it Out!”


To share my stories of adversity and and the transition of that adversity into victories, so others can be encouraged and know how to win in every aspect of their life.


To assist others in finding their real purpose; Not allowing their purpose to go to the graveyard but, helping them put down their fake ID (identity) and pick up their real ID (identity).


To motivate and empower others to discover their real purpose in life while discovering their real ID (identity), to live it out to the fullest in every area of their life.


in Miami Florida at The Signature Grand.  This is one of the highest honors in the country and is earned for the selfless work that one has done for many years in his/her community and abroad. The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service is a prestigious national honor offered to outstanding citizens in recognition of sustained volunteer services. This award program was implemented by former President George Bush, and was further fueled under the Obama administration.

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